How to Crochet a BULLION aka RICE aka ROLL Stitch

With this stitch, you do many yarn-overs before you pull your loop through. It makes a unique thick crochet piece, some describe the stitches as having a spiral look. Take a look at this tutorial to see how it's done: 

I gave several Crochet books on my Kindle...there are many available at the preceding link that can be used on any device that has a Kindle app or any Kindle device. This way I have them on the road with me to look through and use.

The only drawback I have found with using them is the fact that I like to mark up my patterns a lot, making notes if I have to change something, or marking where I left off. That isn't easy to do when working from an eBook, but still, for uncomplicated patterns, or if you aren't inclined to mark them up, crochet eBooks can be a great way to go.


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Updated 12/6/18

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