Monday, March 24, 2014

Meeting Up with Online Business Friends in Person

A successful business woman who works from home on the internet spends a lot of her time alone with her computer.  In my case I often have one or two social networking sites open during the day, which provides the social aspect of my work at home.  I'm not sitting in an office with people physically, but very much engaged with others online...and from all over the world! 

Every now and then you discover a person who lives not so far from you, or one who is passing through your area when traveling, and would like to meet you in person!  Such was the case for one of my online friends who uses the name "Wednesday-Elf".  She is part of a network of crafty working grandmothers who keep in touch with one another and encourage one another. 

In her delightful little story "Meeting an Online Friend in Person", you can see how this can happen, and how our relationships with those online truly are deeper and more meaningful than some may think they are.

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Updated 11/30/18