Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Email Security is Important to Your Business

I know how to do quite a bit on the computer when it comes to sending email, building websites and blogs and such, but haven't a clue about the technology behind it all.  There are so many terms that I hear but do not understand.  I know that it's important for my email and any attachments to reach their destination safely and securely...I know that the information is for the eyes of the recipient only and want to keep it that way, but don't always know how this is accomplished.  But that's okay, I don't need to know all there is to know because there are good services that provide programs to help keep your incoming and outgoing email safe and secure. 

One way this is done is through encrypting your email.  Now there is a big word for you...let me see if I can explain....only because I took a moment to look it up.  By way of example, lets take a look at a service that provides email encryption for Outlook. With a service like this, your email and pdf attachment(s) are encrypted, which means that the information in the email and on the pdf are put into a coded form.  They are readable by you, the sender, and by the recipient, but are private during the delivery process.

An email encryption service seems like it would be a valuable thing to have to protect your business as well as your private email and attachments. You can read more on how to encrypt you email at this article by PC World.

Updated 11/28/18