How to Understand Crochet Pattern Codes and a Printable List of Crochet Stitch Abbreviations

Does a Crochet Pattern Overwhelm You?

Your pattern will not often explain how to do the basic stitches, this can be confusing to someone new to crocheting. It will provide you with abbreviations for most stitches instead. 

I am doing my best to provide a page for each of the abbreviations with a video tutorial. You will find links to each title listed below. 

Also here is a printable list of crochet abbreviations with written instructions of how to do each stitch from another crochet site. You can print it out for future reference.
Your pattern will often explain how to combine the stitches to make certain designs in your project. 

For example, I am doing a shell afghan that alternates V-Stitches and Shell stitches within each row. The pattern provides the abbreviations for the stitches needed for each...for example, for a "shell", it requires, in crochet terms - "5 tr in next st" which means "5 triple crochet stitches in one chain stitch". They abbreviate "V-Stitch" as "V-st" and the term for making the V-st as "tr, ch 1, tr" which means "triple crochet, chain 1, triple crochet".
At first glance a pattern can look confusing, but before you know it, especially if you start out with a pattern graded "easy", and use the tools and tutorials provided through the pages listed below, you'll be crocheting with no trouble at all. 

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