Buying the Right Crochet Hook and Free Metric, US and UK Conversion Charts

There are metal, plastic, and even bamboo crochet hooks, and sizes are given in both letters and numbers, so at first glance it can seem confusing to figure out what hook to buy.

When you start out, keep it simple. Pick your first easy pattern and only get what is on that pattern, unless you feel it's more economical to buy a set of crochet hooks. You don't need to learn about every type of hook there is, you just need to get started, the best way to learn.

My personal preference is metal hooks, the yarn seems to move more smoothly over them. 

For afghans and blankets, if you don't mind it being a little smaller or larger than the pattern says it will be, you can get away with using a different hook than suggested. But with clothing, you're crochet hook sizes as well as how loose or tight you crochet (gauge) are more important things to consider.

Here are conversion charts with Metric, US and UK crochet hook sizes in case you need them:

Click here for many images of Crochet Metric Conversion Charts for you to pick from and print found through searching Bing.

Clck here here are more images of crochet hook size conversions.

Personally, after crocheting my first project and realizing how much I loved crocheting, I went ahead and bought a complete set of hooks. My set is one of the ones pictured below with aluminum hooks. It saved me money over buying hooks as needed because I knew crocheting was going to be an ongoing hobby for me. 

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Buying the Right Crochet Hook and Free Metric, US and UK Conversion Charts

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Updated 11/30/18

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