Wednesday, July 24, 2013

All Work and No Play Makes Grandma...

I'm not quite sure what all work and no play makes a Grandmother or Grandmother aged woman, because I am not able to sit still long enough to find out.  In fact, I have been busy writing online so much today that I'm about ready for another get up and move about moment.

What is it that you enjoy doing as one who works from home?  I am sure if you have grandchildren, it is finding time to spend time with them.  But what are your leisure activities?  Do you enjoy reading? Crafting?

What is the last book that you have read?  What craft project are you working on?

I do my reading in the evening before bedtime, and most evenings, if I don't enjoy time outdoors and sit indoors with my husband, I crochet while watching whatever he enjoys on TV.  There are only a few shows and movies that I really enjoy myself, but I enjoy keeping him company.

It is tempting to come in here and spend time on my computer during the evening, but I try to make an effort not to do that, as leisure time is so important, as is unwinding during the evening hours before settling down to a good nights sleep.

Share your favorite leisure time activity in a comment if you like.