Saturday, October 16, 2010

Woman Author's Adventures and Income Through Writing

Marilyn is an author, which means she makes an income writing wherever she is, at home, or on the road. Some time ago she provided the following post for an earlier blog that is no longer available, I hope that if you are thinking of writing, or are a writer, you will find it inspiring. 


It is with great relief and pride that I can announce that the completed first draft of "Questing Home: A Safe Place for My Holy Grail" is now done. It now goes to the first readers who will give me feedback for flow, continuity, and to my children to see if they want themselves portrayed as I have written them. This has meant pouring over journals, letters, photographs, court documents about my divorce and interviews with people who were in my life from 1989 to 1996.

Writing this third book has been hard work and often emotionally difficult. Breaking the old rules of my childhood upbringing about keeping family secrets and turning the other cheek has challenged me. I have removed myself from a lot of life to be able to get this to this stage. Fortunately I work at home. I feel as if I am now free in a way I haven't been free in many years yet I know there is a lot of hard work ahead.

For those who have read "Questing Marilyn" 2003 (took me 17 years to get done) and Questing France 2005 you know I love to travel and I have travel adventures in this book too so I am keeping with the theme Personal Growth Through Travel.

It is my hope that this book will be recognized as a significant contribution on issues of adult bullying, the inequity of the divorce process most often but not always for women and how people in powerful positions can abuse their power with impunity. It is filled with personal growth and stress management methods and experiences.

The next steps include making the edits my first readers suggest if I agree with them, then having it copy edited professionally (even then some typos have slipped through as Questing France was edited by paid editors twice.) and making the corrections found, having it designed including a cover design and pictures inserted then printed. Whew! A long process. I hope to have it ready for sale in May.

I hope this book will become one that women's centers and advocates for a more just process of marital dissolution will use. I know my first two books have helped both men and women find their voice and stand up for themselves in abusive and disrespectful situations. I've had wonderful feedback.

Best wishes to you and as this is a dream coming to fruition for me. I hope your dreams are coming true too!

Marilyn Bellegham

Updated 11/27/18