Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Life Changes and Mother's Day Traditions

Another Mother's Day has come and gone, and changes in life circumstances can dramatically affect how you view the day. 

I hope the day was a happy one for you, but the reality is, as years go by, there are Mother's Day's in the mix that are not quite all that you hoped that they would be.  There may be the loss of a mother, circumstances surrounding one of your children, difficult memories from childhood...any negative happening in life can change how you approach the day.

I am blessed to still have my dear Mom, in fact I did a tribute to her this year, 7 Things I Learned to Love from Mom, and printed it out and gave it to her with my gift this year. She is such an example to me of how to view the difficult challenges of life, and live with the right focus, one day at a time.  Her life has been both blessed and difficult, and she would probably say that the blessings mean all the more because of the difficulties.  She views Mother's Day and any other day through this positive perspective.

This year was different for us.  In past years I often had everyone here for Mother's Day.  Now due to various things, my brother's, sister and I spend time with Mom separately...I like it as the focus can be 100% on her...not to mention she gets spoiled over an extended period of time.  She has a little difficulty hearing, and being in a large room with many people, or in a restaurant around a large table, makes it easy for her to be in the background as everyone talks with one another...so we enjoyed lunch and a visit together during last week.

On Mother's Day my dear children joined my husband and I at church, and then we had a bite to eat out, then we came back to my home to spend time together.  It was a beautiful day...and I'm a thankful Mom.

Updated 11/28/18