Monday, November 22, 2010

To Grandmothers House We Go

It is funny that when I started to sing the song "Over the River and Through the Wood" I sang " Grandmothers house we go", but when searching for the full version of the poem, found that it is actually "to grandFATHER's house we go". Have I really been singing it wrong for all these years?

Whatever the case may be, it is that time of year again, Thanksgiving, when many gather to enjoy delicious meals, some find their way to soup kitchens to feed those who are less fortunate, some work in restaurants and toll booths so others can travel and eat out with their families, and families gather to, hopefully, enjoy one another.

This year may be challenging for more people than previous years for various reasons, the economy, job loss, loss of loved ones, family strife, any number of things can affect how we approach this time when hearts should be thankful...I know, I experience some of these mixed feelings and emotions myself.

But as hard as things may seem to be, when I take hold of my thoughts and direct them toward God and positive things, there is always something to be thankful for. The list may include things a big as the fact that my husband is a faithful man and still with me after over 30 years (update..until 8/6/17 when he went home to Heaven), to as simple as the fact that the sun is shining today and a beautiful bird just came to feed at the bird feeder.

Some Grandmothers will find themselves working this year that have never had to work before...perhaps even on or the day after Thanksgiving...this can either be something to be upset about or thankful for. It is up to us how we view the circumstances in our life.

I'm not being naive, I know many are hurting, some are very close to me, but also know that if each of us dig deep enough, we can find something to be thankful for.  Do some digging, and journal what you find, or share it with someone.

Updated 11/27/18