More About Me

What can I tell you about myself? Let's see, I'm a Mom with 2 grown children. My son is thirty-something, single and living in a nearby studio apartment, my daughter is also thirty-something, married to our dear son-in-law, and also living nearby.

We live in a rural area of Northern New Jersey, a lake community surrounded by forested land.

I am looking forward to being a grandma one day, no pressure of course, but it will be fun when...and happens. You can be sure you'll all know about it when it does.

I am a "retired" Certified Nutritionist, and have maintained a website for over 15 years, a site that is in need of some updating as of this update in July of 2015. The site is and I go by the username "happynutritionist" or "clmeydrech" throughout the web. 

I also own and maintain related blogs, including Happy Nutritionist's Nuggets and Weeds and Seed Swap, plus a couple of "unrelated" blogs, including Aspen the Yorkie and Working Grandmothers - a Place to Rest.

So you see I'm a busy blogger. I do some writing on as well.

Thanks for stopping by today, and taking the time to visit.

Updated 7/21/15