Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Interested in becoming a VA or Virtual Assistant?

If you have wondered what is involved in becoming a Virtual Assistant, you will want to visit a site owned by someone I've been acquainted with online for a number of years. 

A Virtual Assistant in simple terms is someone who does typing and other secretarial and clerical type work from home for any number of clients.  Services you offer will be based upon your skills, you decide what you can or cannot do.  

Please take a moment to visit VA Directory and look at the main links on the page and the drop-down menus along the top to learn more.   There are links to post your job, for VA training, a forum, and so very much more for anyone who is interested in knowing what it means to work from home as a Virtual Assistant.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Free Eye Exams

I am looking at this screen through computer glasses, and when they come off, on will go my progressive lens glasses.  I think insurance has helped us a bit with our glasses, though I'm not 100% sure, as we did pretty well finding good deals before we had insurance for vision. 

With another potential job change coming up, and the possibility that we may not have the same insurance we do now, we may lose our vision insurance.

I'm not 65 yet, but I was reading some retirement advice that suggested that you might be able to get a free eye exam by ophthalmologists that volunteer to do them for those that can't afford them and need an exam.  If this is you, and you are over 65, it suggests that you go take a look at to find an ophthalmologist that will offer free eye exams in your area.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Is Network Marketing for Everyone?

I was actively involved with a network marketing company several years ago, and am still a member and customer, but not involved in the business part of it any longer.  At the time, though, it was fun and there was some success.  I made a bit of money and won 4 trips, a couple for myself, one that I went on with my husband, and one that we went on as a family of 4.

Whether or not you are successful at this type of business depends upon how much support you receive, how persistent you are, and many other factors. If you are interested in learning more, you will find some support at Mark Hall's MLM Opinion, a site that offers advise and support for those who are interesting in this type of business.   Some network marketing companies are also called multi-level marketing businesses, this is what the letters M L M stand for.

Though some tried to discourage me from getting involved with the company I did, in my case, it was successful for a time, and part of some very happy memories. 

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Valid and Safe Ways to Make Income at Home

I have been supplementing income at home for years working on the computer, and came across a helpful page put together by someone who is doing the same.  It has a list of different ways that you can generate passive income at home.

With consistent work and "low" expectations, I have started to generate about $300 from Squidoo, and expect that to increase...this does not include sales from affiliate links on my Squidoo "lenses".  I know others more skilled than I that do much better.  By "low" expectations, I mean that I don't go into anything expecting to make a lot of money right away, but to learn and grow over a period of time with consistent work. This is in addition to my eBay sales and income generated through advertising on my blogs.  It has taken me time to learn by watching others, and just doing it.  The key is to not give up, but be consistent.  Search for tutorials and support groups.  On Squidoo many write their own pages on how to succeed on Squidoo., and there are many ways to receive support when you start out.  Please ask me if you'd like to know more about this.