Thursday, December 15, 2011

How to Use Motorola WX345 Features

I notice that many of you come here to learn how to set up playlists on your Motorola WX345.  I have more help for your Motorola WX345 here.

What you may not know is that Consumer Cellular has provided some tutorials through Youtube to help you with your phone...they don't provide anything about setting up playlists yet, but they do have the following:

  1. Video Tour for Use of the Motorola WX345
  2. How to take and send pictures with the Motorola WX345
  3. How to Access the Internet with the Motorola WX345
  4. How to use the Address Book on the Motorola WX345
  5. How to Send a Text Message with the Motorola WX345
  6. How to Insert a Memory Card, Sim Card and Battery into the Motorola WX345
If you are interested in joining Consumer Cellular and getting a free Motorola WX345 or other cell phone, you can get $10 off your first bill (and I get $10 off my next one too) if you contact me through a comment (they are moderated...I won't post them in this case) so that I can provide you with the necessary information (my # etc.) privately.  

My husband and I have had our free Motorola WX345 phones from Consumer Cellular for months now and are still pleased with this basic phone, the no-contract phone service price, and AARP discount we receive.