Saturday, November 10, 2012

Make a Game out of Holiday Shopping

Thanksgiving is less than two weeks away, and the holiday season is upon us!

Do you want to add a little adventure to your shopping experience for some or all of your gifts this year?  If so, you might want to check out DealDash. I've visited the site and have seen stories on Facebook showing people who have purchased popular items like electronics, toys, and any kind of item you can think of, for amazing prices.

DealDash is somewhat like an auction site, but with a lot of incentives to help you get started without feeling like you're going to lose money while you learn how the program works. To add fun to your shopping experience, you register for free, then buy bids in lots of 60, 100, or more for a low price for fact there are specials all the time on bid prices, so look out for that.

Then you look on the home page or through the different categories for items you're interested in bidding on, and bid live and keep doing so until you or the other bidder quits, making one of you the winner of the item. You do want to do a little math ahead of time to determine how many bids you are willing to give for an item, BUT, be aware that if you lose your first round, Deal Dash will give you all your bids back again. This takes the stress off when you are learning how the system works and makes it fun from the start.

Oh, and one more thing, if you aren't happy with your first purchase when it arrives, you can return it no questions asked...and another thing, shipping is free on items you win. Sounds like a fun way to do your holiday shopping, doesn't it? Enjoy the season, and let us know if you've ever tried Deal Dash and how your experience was.

Hurricane Sandy Leaves Many Homeless

I am a resident of New Jersey and we are in the midst of a long journey back from super storm Hurricane Sandy.   Though we do not live along the shore, it is a favorite vacation and day trip destination for us and many.  Even worse is the destruction to summer and year-round homes.

Personally, our home is in the midst of wooded Northern New Jersey.  The type of damage we suffered was the falling of many many trees on wires, homes and cars.   We were fortunate in that the worst that we suffered was power out for 10 days, some are still without power as I type this.

In memory of our beautiful New Jersey shoreline, here is a picture and short video taken with my little point and shoot camera only 2 months before Hurricane Sandy swept much beauty and history away.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to all those in New Jersey, New York and other States affected by Hurricane Sandy.  You may find some help and assistance for this disaster and many others by visiting this Natural Disaster Relief site.