Monday, August 23, 2010

How a Military Purse Brings Comfort

I'm so happy to introduce you to another Grandmother many times over who's creative gift lead to making a military purse for someone that brought joy and comfort, and that lead to making another...and another. I'll let Jackie tell you her inspiring story in her own words.

"My name is Jackie Thompson and I live in Killeen, Texas. I am the proud mom of 2 boys and 1 step daughter. My husband and I have 9 grandchildren and 1 more on the way. They call me nana, grandma, mawmaw and each time I hear those words it is the sweetest sound to me.

"I started out making cloth dolls and have done well with that but I wanted more. I decided to make a purse for a friend of mine whose husband recently joined the Army. I wanted to make something for her that made her proud and represented her husband, so my purses were born.

"The day she received her purse she had people coming up to her wanting to know where she got her purse and how they could order one. Needless to say I have been blessed with orders since I began my new venture. The best thing about my business is getting emails and phone calls from my customers telling me how proud they are of their purse/bag. These bags/purses are not just regular purses, they are keepsakes, reminders of your loved one who is serving or has served in the military. What better way to keep your soldier close to you while they are away than to carry one of these purses with you. It's like having a part of your soldier with you every time you walk out the door."

At this update, the link to Jackie's craft site no longer works, perhaps she is out of business. I tried to find her without success, so hope she will one day find us again.

Updated 11/27/18