Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Susan B. Anthony Would Have Been 191 Today

A great woman was born 191 years ago today, which is why today is commemorated by some as Susan B. Anthony day. She was born in Adams, Massachusetts. She never married, so never had children or grandchildren, but she was a woman who was passionate about the things that she stood for. The foundation for the things she was passionate about was based in her Quaker upbringing which provided her with a moral base from which to view the world, and a desire to change the things that she saw as unjust around her.

Susan was an abolitionist, and became deeply involved with the American Anti-Slavery Society. She was passionate about Educational Reform...we still need people to be concerned about this today, as we see our standard of education decline, in my opinion. She was involved in the labor movement; she wanted to see people buy American made; and an issue that is controversial today, she promoted immigration in the south to populate the area and increase industry. I'm sure she would be a proponent of LEGAL Immigration if she were alive today. Being raised a Quaker, she believed the Bible taught that liquor drinking was a sin, so she was involved in the Temperance movement. She promoted the right of woman to vote as part of the Women's Suffrage Movement. And as if that wasn't enough, she stood up for woman's rights, cutting her hair and changing her clothing style in an effort to promote her message.

She is a great example to those of us who sit about doing little to change the world around us, and I'm thankful that somewhere I saw it was Susan B. Anthony day and was inspired to get to know this woman a bit better.

Updated 11/28/18

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