Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Crafty Grandmothers, This is Your Month!

Someone has decided that March is National Craft Month, so Grandmothers, what crafts do you enjoy? National Craft Month isn't exclusively for Grandmoms, of course, and what can be more fun than spending time doing crafts with the grandchildren?

I am not as "crafty" as some, but do enjoy crocheting...picked it up again after a long break from it, and am working on an afghan and prayer shawl.  I'd like to make some smaller things as soon as the shawl is done, a few shamrocks to decorate the Norfolk Island Pine that we purchased for Christmas and is still growing nicely.

It has been a LONG winter, and as soon as the weather is nice enough, you won't find me inside doing crafts, but outside enjoying the weather, which I hope will be nice this summer.  But here in the northeast, we still have a couple more months to wait until it is warm.

Updated 11/28/18

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