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Hand Quilting for Beginners

Do you sew or hand-stitch your quilts or use a quilting sewing machine? I like the idea of hand-stitching, and find myself searching all over for how to do certain stitches, so thought I'd try to put them all in one place for myself, and for anyone else who would like a one-stop resource.

I know a woman who does all her quilts entirely by hand, including piecing them together, every bit, and admire her work. She says it takes a long time to do, but she finds it to be gratifying. I'm not sure I'm up to the challenge, but I am intrigued.

It is taking me a while to narrow down just how I'm going to approach quilting, I have some supplies to purchase still, and I have all of the pieces for a quilt carefully cut out and ready to sew together that I purchased for $1 at an estate sale.

#1 - How to Start a Quilt

This is the first of a series of videos I'm going to add. I like how this woman goes into detail explaining each step. The pieces of her quilt are already stitched together, and in a hoop, ready for stitching. I like how she uses everyday things in the process. Watch how she marks the quilt with chalk pencils

Lap Quilting Hoop and Chalk

There are so many kinds of hoops, and great variety in pricing. This one looked interesting to me. If you want to see how many different styles there area, from those on large stands, to very basic single hoops of various sizes, and more, click the image and search "quilting hoop". You'll be surprised at the variety if you are relatively new to quilting.

Quilting chalk is necessary as well, and this set provides a cartridge, colored chalks and sharpener.

#2 Threading and Knotting a Quilt

How to thread and knot a quilt - notice the size of thread she decides to use, and why, and also the type of needles


#3 - How to Bury the Knot when Quilting 

The first stitch is an important one, pay attention to how many layers she puts the needle through, how she runs the needle through, and how the knot is "buried" in the quilt.

Quilting Needles and Thread 

There are many colors of hand quilting thread, if you are looking for another color, just click through any image below and search "hand quilting thread". Be sure to include the word "hand" in the search to narrow it down.

Needles come in an assortment of sizes. When searching for a particular size, you can click through the image, and search "hand quilting needles" plus the size number.  As a beginner, an assortment appeals to me.

#4 - How Many Thimbles to Use When Quilting and Why to Use Them 

This is a helpful video that will show you which fingers to put the thimbles on when hand quilting, and why some use more than one kind of thimble. Everything with quilting seems to be a matter of personal taste, including how many thimbles to wear. 

#5 - How to Do the Stitching when Hand Quilting

This is the actual stitching as you quilt, a little longer than the previous videos, and very helpful. I will add more "how to stitch" information later. She also talks about bending needles, and how often to change to a new needle when you are hand quilting. 

Free Quilting Apps

If you are looking for some quilting apps, you will find FREE Quilting Apps at this link. Most of them are for Android. They include Quilting Guides, a Quilting Calculator and more.

#6 - Moving to a New Section when Stitching a Quilt

Notice that you can skip right over to another section to quilt, or you can tie off and start over.  


#7 - How to Tie Off the Last Knot in a Quilt Section

The final knot in a section is just as important as the first, notice how to tie it, and how many layers to go through...listen for the "pop"! 


#8 - Doing Blind Binding Stitch and Mitered Corners when Quilting

This is something I've never done, haven't completed a quilt to the point of binding yet, so this will be very helpful. Notice that she has already machine-sewn the binding underneath the quilt, and is showing us how to hand-quilt on the front side. 

The information and videos above will help you get started with quilting if you are new, or show you quilting techniques that you may not know.  
Before I go, do you know what a "Fat Quarter" is? It's a bundle of pre-cut pieces of material ready to use for quilting. The advantage is not only that it is pre-cut, but you get a variety of different colors and patterns.

Here is a fat quarter, if you click the image it will take you to many more. This is how the bundles I find in quilting shops in Lancaster, PA look where the Amish are known for their quilting.

Updated 11/30/18

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