Monday, May 17, 2010

Any Grandmothers Selling Real Estate?

I know more than a few Grandmothers who are in the real estate market, doing their best to sell homes during a time when the economy and real estate market is, to say the least, challenging. But for some, that one big enough sale now and then is enough to make it worth the challenge. I've wondered myself if this is something I'd like to do...still thinking about it, I am weighing the information that friends who are selling real estate tell me. A lot of it has to do with how you approach it and the personality you have, it seems.

I know some who have put together wonderful blogs or websites as a way to teach people how to sell their sharing how to "stage" the home so that it will sell; how to buy or sell in a difficult market; how to...anything and everything that has to do with real estate...this helps the real estate agent to gain credibility, and show that they really know what they are talking about.

Having something always on hand to give out, like realtor business cards isn't a bad idea either...I know that my friend who is in real estate handed me a few of hers when she started out. I kept them, and when a friend mentioned they were thinking of selling or buying, I would give them my friend's card. Then it was up to them...and how nice-looking and appealing the card itself was, and how much information the card provided.

If you find your way here, and you are selling real estate, please do tell us about it in a comment, another great way to promote yourself, I'll approve any comment that isn't too "spammy", and I wish you the best of success.