Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Plan Now for Recess at Work Day Tomorrow

Ladies, are you planning on taking a special break tomorrow, whether you work outside of the home or work at home?  With the economy as it is these days, in some cases fun is being taken out of many workplaces.  Vacations are shortened; no longer do some get vacation days PLUS sick days, but get an allotment of days that have to be used for whatever - whether it be a sick day, personal day and if you have any days left, you may actually be able to take a vacation.  This is how it was at my husband's company.

On the lighter side, if you have any influence in your workplace, June 17th is a day for a little fun...I'm not sure where the "Recess at Work Day" phenomena got started, but it sounds like a good thing.  Plan something outing with the girls different from the usual; have something special delivered to the company to enjoy; play music loud and dance up a storm...okay, maybe I'm getting a little carried away...but you get the idea.

Updated 11/27/18

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