Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Grandmother Memories - My Father's Mom

My memories of my own grandmothers are distant, but far from absent.

My grandmother Richardson on my father's side...I guess I should say "paternal grandmother"... was part of my life in my younger years. I didn't have her as long as my maternal grandmother.

My Dad's mom did do some work from home. Dad's father, who I never knew, was a photographer. He took beautiful pictures, and my grandmother tinted the pictures to give them color. If you have ever looked at antique photographs, you'll know what I'm talking about. In portraits, a bit of color is added to the skin, the cheeks are made rosy, and other color may be added to enhance the photo at the artists discretion. Of course the reason for this was that in the early days of photography, there were no color photos. There was a real art to this.

I don't have any memories of playing with my paternal grandmother, as she passed when I was fairly young, my memories of her are the late years of her life when she was bedridden.

But she was a working grandmother, working from home so very long ago.

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