Friday, February 10, 2012

Bringing the Family Together

Time spent with my grandchildren is very precious to me, especially since I am still working. I spend as much time with my grandkids as possible. My kitchen becomes the hub of my house whenever my grandkids come over. Maybe it is because they love grandma’s cooking, or it is the fact that they can grab a bar stool and sit around the large island in the kitchen and talk about the events happening in their lives, eat some food or complete their homework.

As much as I would love to brag about my cooking I have to credit the bar stools in our kitchen for working the magic. We like to call them our breakfast stools because we spend a lot of time in the kitchen having breakfast. Bar stools are as important to one’s kitchen as any other expensive kitchen appliance. This is because an island serves as the focal point in one’s kitchen.

My grandkids and I make use of our bar stools throughout the course of the day. For instance, sometimes I get to pick them up from school. When they arrive at my house the first place that they go (after washing their hands of course) is the kitchen for after school snacks and to do their homework. My grandkids are all smiles when it’s time to make cookies, pancakes or simply hanging out in the kitchen.

Bar stools come in a number of different styles; the style that you choose will ultimately depend on the size of the room and its intended use. Because I cater mainly to my grandkids I have one bar stool in my kitchen that has steps. My youngest grandchild is only 4 years old but as with most kids she doesn’t want to feel left out by not being able to climb the stool without assistance.

If you have grandkids you should definitely invest in bar stools. You can start your search online or in the showrooms. The variety of choices might seem overwhelming; however, with proper planning you will be able to find the perfect stool for you and your grandkids.