Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Learning to be a Frugal Grandmother

Many who reach retirement age, including retired Grandmothers, are living on fixed incomes. The economy is unstable...there is even talk today in the news of Social Security checks, disability and similar programs not being available unless some kind of agreement is reached on raising the debt limit. I'm not going to get into the politics of it all...except to say that I think politics do play a role in how money is handled on the National level.

At home, we can do better than the leaders of our Nation. We can learn to put a limit on our debt whenever possible, and to be as frugal as possible during these unstable times.

I have been a frugal person for many years, and have decided to share some of the simple things we do around our house to save money, and pull together other information I find here and there on pinching pennies. I know the idea of doing a site or blog on this topic isn't original, but maybe some of the things we do to save will be, since a number of them are things we've come up with ourselves. So stop by and visit Baby Boomer Penny Pincher.

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