Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I Made Some Business Goals, How About You?

I did some goal setting for the business part of my life this week.  I usually don't like making goals, but felt good once I spent some time on it.  I didn't put any personal goals down, nothing related to losing weight, cleaning my house, etc., just the business things I want to accomplish each week day.

For the sake of variety (I get bored easily) there are several things that I do online to bring in some extra money.  I share them on a page "Will More Grandmothers be Working in 2011"?

I needed a plan to make sure that I keep up with my blogs and the other things that I do online, so set that down on another page - "5 Hard to Keep Business Goals for 2011".  They may not be as hard as anticipated now that some kind of order has been put to them.

Are you a goal setter?  Wishing you the best in your business ventures in the coming year.

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