Tuesday, August 24, 2010

They're Here - Mature Women Entrepreneurs

Here is a great article I stumbled on while surfing the net, about the coming wave of "mature women" entrepreneurs. It was written some time ago, and it's interesting to see how much of it has come true over the years. It is from the http://www.grandmabiz.com website. Here's the article, although I may not agree with every detail, generally, there is a lot to be learned from the article.


There is a growing trend in the field of the home based business which is retired female workers getting in on the massive amount of money to be made. The list of products and services that the older worker can provide is almost endless. Older workers usually come from the school of thought that if a job is worth doing it is worth doing properly and this gives them the edge in modern business. I know I would trust an older person to do a job a lot more than a younger person.

The empowering effect of a retired female worker augmenting a restrictive retirement income or better yet, getting off welfare and starting her own home based business, is spreading like wild fire as one person seeing the benefits tells another; the growth is exponential.

One of the biggest problems facing retired people is the amount of idle time they have when they leave the work force. It leads to depression and feelings of general worthlessness. Both of these things are combated quite effectively by a retired female worker starting her own work from home based business.

Avoiding Scams

It is not all smooth sailing though for the retired female worker who decides to take this route. Many obstacles that she has never come up against before will surely pop up and if she has no support or guidance in the ways of modern business it can be fraught with pitfalls. Some of the difficult things that the retired female worker is likely to encounter are the ever present internet scams that seem to raise their ugly head at every corner you turn. A person with no experience in the wicked ways of the internet fraudster is much more likely to fall for the riches they promise.

The most common of these is the multilevel marketing company that does not follow the government rules and regulations for how they sell their wares to the home based business operator. This can eat up the very limited capital that most retired female workers have to spend on starting up their home based business. One of the others is discrimination from young males in the business who deem the world of internet marketing as their own domain.

Handling Discrimination

Discrimination was not a major issue for most of the retired female workers when they were young for the reason that oppression of woman was just accepted. In this day and age discrimination and discriminatory attitudes can land a company or person in very hot water. There a few organizations out there that cater to the specific needs of the retired female worker who wishes to start her own home based business. These organizations will provide information on how to deal with discrimination and will also provide help with almost any facet of starting your own home based business.

Resources for the Mature Woman Entrepreneur

AARP, the American Association of Retired Persons, is an organization that caters not only to retired female workers but to older workers in general. AARP is a North American organization that caters to people over fifty and will help to provide information on pretty much anything that concerns older people such as health, investment and small business information, Medicare and where to find the best insurance.

There are however some sites that cater to the specific needs of the retired female worker and one of them is called WAHM. Work at home mothers is set up to provide support and advice to any female with children or grandchildren that has a vested interest in starting or continuing a home based business. This can range from financial backing without the discrimination hassle or just counseling for when things get too tough to handle on your own.

Another site on the net that is dedicated to women is the MLM woman’s newsletter. This reviews problems and solutions specific to the needs of the home based business woman that is involved in multilevel marketing. Any retired female worker that wants to start a home based business can rest assured that there is plenty of support out there and you do not have to do it alone.

by Ted Riley, (c) 2004 Android Technologies, Inc.