Sunday, March 28, 2010

Helping Haiti and Other Natural Disasters

Sometimes a good things comes along that take time away from how we would usually spend our time, but for a good cause.  Just such a distraction came my way after the
earthquake in Haiti.  Rather than focusing on my blogs and income based items, I decided to write a "lens" on Squidoo called Natural Disaster Relief - What Can I Do? Since that earthquake there have been other natural disasters, including some flooding right here in my are of the US, and the site has been updated a few times.

I was also asked by one of the organizers on Squidoo to do another lens that would be a place where people could add their lenses (that's what they call a one-page site on Squidoo) that are set for 100% charity, with the funds going to Hope for Haiti. Usually on Squidoo the writer, someone like myself, receives a percentage of the things that sell when someone buys through my lens, but in this case, it all goes to Hope for Haiti.  Take a look at RocketMoms Help for Haiti to see what I'm talking about, at this typing, over 80 lenses have been added to support the people of Haiti.  This requires a little bit of managing on my part, a little time, but time well spent....I'm not making money doing this, but feel blessed and gratified to be helping in some way, especially since I don't have a lot of money to give.

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